Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Copenhagen, 2006. Pro
Galleri Pi, Copenhagen, 2007. Relief
Vejen Kunstmuseum, Vejen, 2007. Snowflake
VM-bjerget, Copenhagen, 2008. Skulpturi flytter ind
Århus Kunsthal, Aarhus, 2008. Jylland.

A series of sculptures - all based on random accumulations of materials, interieurs, stationary installations and stored parts of disassembled artpieces from the studio.

The things that surround an artist in the studio are not unlike an alphabet. In this sense the Work/space series is a kind of fundamental grammar exercises. The objects around the studio are at once the alphabet from which works will be made and the motifs for the very same works. By moving the object to another material it becomes a model or a 3-dimensional image. It has been removed from a domain of functionality and relocated to art.

Værk/sted, Installation / Work/space, Installation
plaster, plastictube, canvas, paint

Værk/sted, Skitse /Work/space, Sketch
110 x 45 x 45 cm, plaster, steel, paint

Værk/sted, Skulptur / Work/space, Sculpture
67 x 50 x 70 cm, concrete

Værk/sted, Studie / Work/space, Study
300 x 50 x 50 cm, aluminium, steel, iron, polish

Værk/sted, relief / Work/space, relief, 2007
bronze, copper

Værk/sted, relief / Work/space, relief (detail)

Værk/sted, relief #ll / Work/space, relief #ll
bronze, copper

Værk/sted, Samling #ll / Work/space, Collection #ll
iron, wax

Værk/sted, Samling / Work/space, Collection
Snowfall, Vejen Kunstmuseum, 2008

Værk/sted, Samling / Work/space, Collection
plaster, wood, paint

Jylland, Århus Kunstbygning, 2008

Værk/sted, Håndtryk / Work/space, Handshake
jesmonite, akrylic paint

Alle mister noget ingen kan erstatte #ll / Everybody looses something that nobody can replace #ll
fiber concrete, wood

Tilblivelsens gådefulde uskyld / The mysterious innocence of becoming
jesmonite, akrylic paint