Grønningen 100 Years, Museumsbygningen, Copenhagen

Photo: Anders Sune Berg, Tina Maria Nielsen

100 Years of Solitude occupies a space of its own at Museumsbygningen. The sculptural installation appears as a kind of 'lining': a new space occupying the already existing one. Situated 25 cm from the walls of the room the installation allows a view of its own outside surface and construction. Also, here and there, the installation has been perforated, allowing a glimpse of the classicist architecture of the building. The installation can be viewed as an interior 'base' holding references to 'the white cube', were it not for the exposed motifs of the interior of the artist's studio presented on the plasterboards.

The mounted plasterboards have been worked on to unveil objects from the studio 1:1, hereby inviting the viewer to enter an intimate space. By 'employing' the references of the plaster, the installation at the same time, interweaves a personal and an art historical space. The walls become a tangible membrane between two realities - the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional - just as the studio serves as a membrane between the metaphorical and the material.